Matthew Burns

Hey there! My name is Matthew Burns, or, as my friends call me, Matovich or Matov. I’m from Coram, Montana, born and raised in a one-room cabin a short walk from Glacier National Park. I’d like to thank my mother Fay Dowling and father Randy Burns for all they’ve done for me, raising me to adulthood and putting up with my shenanigans over the years. 

From a young age I had a great interest in mathematics and was able to mentally calculate long division by the first grade. After my parents’ divorce my mother and I moved many times. After she was remarried to my stepdad, Jimmy, we moved to Seattle for a few months for his cancer treatment, and I am ever grateful for the sights and experiences I was granted while there. 

After leaving Seattle we moved into our house in Martin City, and I began school at West Glacier Elementary for my fifth- and sixth-grade education. I began my seventh-grade year in Columbia Falls at the junior high and continued through high school at CFHS until the second semester of my junior year. I left CFHS at this time for many reasons but most notably because of the poor quality of education and lack of caring, kind and dedicated teachers. Once I left public education I began homeschooling through the Sonlight program with my girlfriend of two years, Chelsey Vonderheide, and our mutual teacher, Kathy Hawbaker, to whom I am forever thankful for helping me with transitioning into a non-common-core curriculum in the midst of the school year. 

Throughout my education I’ve participated in extracurricular activities, such as playing baritone saxophone in the Columbia Falls Jazz Band and playing tenor saxophone in both general band and pep band at Columbia Falls. 

After graduating I plan on travelling abroad to further my cultural understanding of the beautiful world we live in. While abroad I intend to extend my studies in the areas of holistic medicine and tantric yoga/healing. My end goal is to live peacefully in Altai, Russia, where I will practice my holistic healing with those whom I love unconditionally, for those who are less fortunate—free of charge, and on the foundations of forgiveness, harmony with nature, and helping others see their own inner light which has been bestowed upon everyone by God, His Only Begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit.