Katie Gilbert

Hello, my name is Katie Gilbert; I’m 16 and a homeschool senior. My mom has homeschooled my seven siblings and me for most of our academic years. I tried public school for a while in freshman year but preferred to continue my home education in peace and quiet.

I enjoy homeschooling because, to me, it has been incredibly freeing and allowed me to make my own schedule; I’ve been able to get up at 5 am and get all my school done before 10 am if I want. Having that freedom has allowed me to balance graduating early, working, being in college, and also being a cadet firefighter.

My family is from Leona Valley, California. I was born in Lancaster, a smaller city in Los Angeles County. We moved here when I was two and have lived in the valley since. I like to ice skate, hike, four wheel, paint, cook, read, and go to concerts. I also enjoy a lot of exploring in every crevice of Montana’s beautiful landscape.

Although my whole family has helped me get where I am, I would like to especially thank my mom. I’ve spent many weekends and summers doing school, and through it, she still had to be a teacher.

I’m eager to graduate and move to the next chapter of life. I plan to take a gap year, relaxing and backpacking, traveling the country for the first 6-12 months. After spending some time enjoying life I hope to move to Oakland and attend university there, then continue on to a career in firefighting or the Air Force.

In the following years I hope to move around and explore different environments and cultures. I like to help people and animals and will probably be volunteering a lot. Other than that, I’ll just see where life takes me.

For those going through middle or high school: Enjoy your life and live it for you, and you only; just try to get decent grades. Work hard at everything you do, and be kind to everyone you meet. My favorite quote is, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!’” ~Audrey Hepburn